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Brand Monitoring: Technology VS. Service

Brand Monitoring: Technology VS. Service
12th Feb 2014 | by: David Fridman

In-depth Brand Monitoring has become a duty of paramount importance for any business or individual. Over the past few years there have been a number of services that help businesses monitor websites for instances of domain and typo squatting, trademark infringement, counterfeiting and the like.

Even while utilizing these services with your best efforts, there is still money being lost to squatters stealing your traffic, defaming your websites, and selling counterfeits of your products. This is something that many brands do not see and something that brand monitoring technology will be necessary for.

There are two approaches you can implement for brand monitoring, each can help you save time, handle a large amount of data and prioritize that data in its own way. There are Services and there is Technology.

The Service Approach


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There are many free services out there that can assist you in the course of monitoring your brand. However, while utilizing these services is better than nothing at all, they are all disconnected and utilizing them for such a vital need as brand monitoring takes a lot of manual effort and manpower. As your brand increases its’ online presence, there will be a slew of places where people are talking about it and trying to illegitimize it for their own benefit. There might come a time to hire a person or a staff to manage these services, so they can respond to threats as well as capitalize on the positive developments revolving around your brand, such as quality sites that include a link to your domain(s).

Let’s talk about some of these services that can help you with monitoring your brand.

These services run the gamut and they are all pretty much stand alone. Services such as Feed Readers, Google Alerts. monitoring blog posts with Technorati, blog comment tools, social media comment tools, twitter, forums, etc…; not to mention services that search for threats to your brand by cyber squatters such as domain and typo squatters. You and your marketing team need to establish a schedule for analyzing the vast amount of data, prioritizing it and come up with a game plan to respond.

There will come a time when you realize that utilizing this combination of services, while definitely helpful is too fragmented, and even with a staff of people checking the different disconnected services on an ongoing basis is becoming too much and you see a need to bring it under one umbrella.

The Technology Approach

As the threats grow with the expansion of gTLDs, as your brand enjoys more online prominence, utilizing integrated Brand Protection Technology is another option. This option is the next level, and it brings all the services together in one cohesive unit.

Internet securityGoing the route of utilizing Brand Protection technology to ensure protection of your online brand will provide you with a more integrated solution than using a group of services. It is both an advanced and automated way that will provide you with in-depth metrics that are defined by you as well as provide you with visuals on the risks and opportunities to protect and enhance your online value.

By utilizing a solution based on technology, you will be in control from a single custom dashboard, , guiding the technology to conduct an in depth semantic analysis of threats to your brand. Technologies for brand protection utilize sophisticated algorithms that will allow the system to collect real-time data about websites that are threatening your brand and present them to you visually in a prioritized manner. It will also support you and present you with options to eliminate these threats.

On the proactive side, going the technology route will empower you by providing you with the latest  analysis that is so sophisticated that it will help you in identifying opportunities that will increase your brand’s equity by presenting you with domain opportunities tied to your brand based upon the information your provide.

There are many brand protection solutions out there, most of them take the service approach. You need to choose a solution that will give you more options in protecting and strengthening your brand via a different approach.

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