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New gTLDs

New TLD List: Some Abuse Trends Thus Far New TLD List: Some Abuse Trends Thus Far

Variety. Choice. Those are two words that come to mind when talking about the over 1400 new GTLDs that are currently being released. These are quite the boost for companies and organizations who want to establish new online identities or revitalize the ones they are currently using. On the internet, there are now over 265 million unique domain names.


New gTLD spotlight: .money has its advantages New gTLD spotlight: .money has its advantages

Over the past year there have been hundreds of new gTLDs being made available to the public. Today, we are going to focus on one that has very recently been released, .money.

This new gTLD affords those that choose to purchase the new gTLD, one that is not only memorable but a domain name that can add a lot to your brand. It is one that a visitor will automatically associate  with finance or money.

Let's face it. Money makes the world go round. .money is a highly flexible TLD and is generic. Whether it is for raising funds or for banking, if you are an accountant or CPA, it's a great choice for you. It will allow your online audience to easily identify you and what you do. If you are a magazine that specializes in articles, or a financial researcher focused on money, then this domain is for you.

Do you have a need for making your own .money? Well, now is your chance. .If you want a great domain name for targeting, any entity that has a presence online that has anything to do with investment, foreign exchange, stocks or anything of that nature should consider a domain name that includes the .money extension. Think about it. Making.money, HowToMake. Money, Saving.money are all great examples of domain hacks that embody exactly how useful this extension is. The .money TLD is a great one to have and will greatly contribute to traffic, given the amount of times the word money is searched. I highly advise to grab .money ASAP and start bringing in the cash.

Money, Money, Money

Money is one of the most discussed topics online. Nearly everyone wants to make it, know how to invest it, save it, everywhere on the planet. It makes topics related to money much easier to find on the Internet.

With the economic troubles that are happening globally, money is a concern of utmost importance. Websites that utilize this new TLD will undoubtedly get noticed and they will be visited en masse. Most people in the developed world want to know what is happening with money in their own countries as well as in countries around the world.

Money is something people are always seeking info about. If you have a newsletter, blog or newspaper about finance, I would highly recommend purchasing this TLD. Once you do this you will realize the enormous amount of difference this new TLD will have for your business and the traffic it is creating. Having this domain will allow your product or service be able to connect with visitors quickly and empower them to get the info they are looking for.

Protect your Brand with .Money

While a major reason to register the .money domain is mostly proactive, registering the domain is also good for protecting your brand in a proactive fashion. Many brand marketing managers who are involved in the world of finance had used domain registrar donuts, who have employed a mechanism that protects rights. DPML will block any TLD. I would suggest any domain holders in the finance world to secure a .money registration ASAP, so that any scammers don't take advantage of any brand names already existing via CyberSquatting. This will only lead to a damaged reputation. And with money, reputation means more than anything, as it can and will decrease confidence in a brand that is scammed. For such a hefty new TLD, it is relatively inexpensive and will provide you with peace of mind in the sea of threats such as consumer fraud and phishing.

New gTLDs: How Should Brands Cope? New gTLDs: How Should Brands Cope?
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