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EU Custom’s seizures skyrocket in 2015

According to an article published in the October 2016 edition of World Trademark Review, a report by the European Commission on EU custom’s seizures skyrocketed in 2015 by 15% and applications for actions increased. In addition, the value of the detained goods is estimated at €642 million. One can only imagine what is the real value of the unaccounted for counterfeits! The vast majority of the detained counterfeits continue to originate in China.

What can one draw from these statistics and findings? Clearly, the amount of counterfeits is not decreasing, but only increasing. Although the exact amounts are not know, it is a safe assumption that the increase in detained goods is a result of an increase in the total amount of counterfeits entering the European Union. The other increase, the number of actions taken reflects the increased concern that brand owners have in the quantity of counterfeits which will affect their business.

These statistics support several assumptions and actions that brand owners should be focused on:

  1. Counterfeits are continuing to grow.
  2. Counterfeit goods will be sold on both on-line websites and in brick and mortar shops. The former avenue is much more desirable in that it reaches more consumers more quickly and more economically.
  3. Brand owners are more concerned about the threat of counterfeits, not less.
  4. The variety of products detained confirms that any and all products with a brand name will be counterfeited.
  5. One thing is sure is that the counterfeit goods that are not detained will be distributed and will disrupt your distribution channels, confuse your consumers, and jeopardize your brand reputation.

Brand owners have no choice but to product their IP and their brand reputation. However, enlisting the help of sophisticated tools and technology is a necessity to be effective in your efforts and to maximize the amount of resources a brand owner invests into the effort. Counterfeit distributors are sophisticated, tech savvy, and well funded. The enormous profits involved with counterfeits are too much temptation to be ignored. Brand owners cannot afford to let up on their brand protection efforts at the risk of surrendering their sales and profits to counterfeiters. The good news is that there are powerful tools available to help in the fight. The first step is for a brand owner to recognize the seriousness of the problem, be determined to take some type of action that maximizes their available resources, and maintains a steady defense against these criminal activities.


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