Preserving Health, Upholding Trust: Brand Protection in Pharmaceuticals.

The infiltration of counterfeit pharmaceuticals into the market not only exposes pharmaceutical companies to a web of legal and reputational challenges but also poses a direct threat to consumers, risking their health and life. The consequences extend far beyond the realm of regulatory adherence; they permeate the very fabric of societal trust in the pharmaceutical landscape.

The digital age has brought new risks for pharmaceutical companies by providing fake drug sellers with easy-to-use platforms to spread their products. From the consumer side, it has become easier to research and buy drugs online.

The proliferation of tens of thousands of online pharmacies adds an additional layer of complexity. Some of them are legitimate, while others sell grey market and counterfeit pharmaceuticals. It’s often difficult for consumers to tell the real from the fake. Some online drug listings don’t even sell products but are phishing websites instead. Listing an in-demand medication at a discount is one way to get unsuspecting consumers to give away their personal information.

BrandShield has vast experience protecting some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies worldwide by removing RX drugs and phishing in websites, social pages, and marketplace listings, closing rogue online pharmacies, detecting phishing attempts, removing trademark infringements, and more.

Did You Know: Pharmaceutical Scams Edition.

  • $5.04M

    Is the average total cost of a data breach in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • $83B

    Worth of counterfeit drugs are sold annually.

  • 10%

    Of medicinal products circulating in low-and middle-income countries is either substandard or falsified.

  • All

    Therapeutic categories have had falsified medicines found within them.

Pharma scams around the world

Fake medicine sales



Consequences of Pharmaceutical Counterfeit

  • Decreased brand reputation

  • High legal costs

  • Financial loss for insurers

  • Health impact on consumers

  • Public hazards

  • Increased costs in lawsuits

  • Reduced revenue

  • Legal liability

Blog: Partnership PSI and BrandShield

Explore the alarming rise of online pharmaceutical scams in the digital age. BrandShield and the Pharmaceutical Security Institute reveal in their annual Pharma Fraud report the removal of 434 rogue pharmacies and 7,500 fraudulent drug listings, emphasizing the global threat to public health.
Learn about the crucial role of BrandShield in safeguarding the pharmaceutical industry and consumers.
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The continued presence of illegal pharmaceutical sales on social media platforms and other websites underscores the need for ongoing vigilance and collaboration with key industry stakeholders. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BrandShield to safeguard consumers and the broader pharmaceutical industry at large from online threats and criminal activity.”

C. Todd Ratcliffe

President & Chief Executive Officer