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5 principles for successful anti-scam in the crypto industry
BrandShield’s founder and CEO Mr. Yoav Keren published a blog post on Cointelligence, a global leading ICO listing and review site. In this article Yoav discusses BrandShield’s 5 principles for….
A distribution plan will help your customers know where to shop And help them avoid buying counterfeits
Most marketing departments focus all their attention on talking about their product with consumers. They hopefully make the product irresistible to consumers. That’s their job. The job of the brand….
Bogus apps collect private data
With the popularity and convenience of shopping on-line, it should be of no surprise that counterfeiters would find new ways to cheat consumers and damage brand names. Fake retail and….
Counterfeit make-up: is beauty worth the price that you may ultimately pay?
In February 2017, David Gauvey Herbert wrote for Bloomberg Businessweek about the rise in counterfeits in the cosmetic industry. Global seizures of counterfeit perfume and cosmetics jumped 25 percent from….
Effective tips for management of online rogue websites and online infringements
As a brand owner, you most like are aware that that your brand is being abused online in a variety of ways. Your brand may be the target of counterfeiters,….
EU Custom’s seizures skyrocket in 2015
According to an article published in the October 2016 edition of World Trademark Review, a report by the European Commission on EU custom’s seizures skyrocketed in 2015 by 15% and….
Educating consumers to the risk of counterfeit products
Most brand owners grapple with the question of alerting their consumers to the fact that your brand has been counterfeited. On the surface, one might think that it is an….
Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Brand Protection Program
Recently, Coraline Zhang, legal counsel at DH Anti counterfeiting, made an interesting comparison between Marketing and Brand Protection. She described brand protection as very similar to marketing. The latter fights….
Global Trade in Counterfeit Goods Worth Nearly Half a Trillion Dollars
According to a 2016 report published by OECD, The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, global trade in counterfeit and pirated goods are worth nearly half a trillion dollars annually….
Fake reviews become the target of Amazon
Last year, Amazon launched an attack against over 1,000 individuals who are offering their services of providing fake four and five star reviews on-line. The individuals had mainly used the….
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