How Threat Intelligence Can Help You

As Threat Intelligence Manager you should be aware of your digital threat map, and takedown procedure status at any time and from any place. With so many tasks and platforms to cover on your plate, you need real-time alerts only for those threats that actually matter with a simple and intuitive dashboard to check your online status.

With BrandShield you can see your digital threat map in a click, already prioritized by their level of threat, get emails and MMS alerts when detecting customized high severity threats, and automated takedown procedures.

Do not get caught off-guard. Take control over your digital assets and digital threat map, with relevant actionable insights and takedown features.

Common Use Cases:

  •  Phishing
  •  Fraud
  •  Executive Impersonation
  •  Look Alikes

Common Platforms Used:

  •  Websites
  •  Social Media
  •  Mobile Apps
  •  PPC Ads


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Threat Intelligence You Need to Know


Of all organizations were targeted by phishing scams in 2018.


Average cost of a single data breach. 90% of all data breaches are phishing attacks.


Of attacks on social media are successful.

Threat Dashboard

Access to a dedicated security dashboard to view threats, threats enforcement status and manage enforcement activities.

Detect Clusters

BrandShield’s unique Patterns feature and Matrix section find clusters of threats anywhere anytime.

Real Time Phishing Alerts

Get phishing alerts to your phone and email with their detection. Instruct your enforcement managers with a click.

Emergency Hotlines

24/7 emergency hotline to report suspected phishing attacks and initiate enforcement processes.

Social Media Protection

Monitor major social media platforms to detect phishing attempts and executive impersonation, where your customers and employees are exposed.

Reports & Statistics

Periodic and other detailed reports with monitoring, detection and enforcement activities.

Some of the companies that work with us

BrandShield works with The Sandbox to fight online threats, impersonations and phishing attempts.

Crypto and NFT markets have become increasingly vulnerable to attacks from scammers looking to capitalize on investor and trader interest. With their ability to protect against these attacks, BrandShield is a critical weapon in the fight to remove phishing attacks and threats from brand impersonators and bad actors.”

Sebastien Borget

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer