Digital Risk Protection

CISOs and cybersecurity teams use software and tools to protect their internal networks and data inside their firewalls. The threats outside your firewall put you at risk just as much. Brand-oriented digital risk protection enables companies to identify and protect themselves from fraud and data leakage that happen outside their firewall, beyond their reach. Detect and take down web fraud, social media impersonation, phishing attacks, cybersquatting, fraud networks, and more.

Brand Oriented Digital Risk Protection includes


Monitor domain names and website content including images to detect and remove cybersquatting, phishing attacks, copycat sites, online scams, and fraud networks

Social Media Impersonation protection

Monitor key social platforms to detect pages and accounts impersonating high level executives or the brand itself

Threat Intelligence

Focus an actionable threat and eliminate noise. Complete map of your digital threats to allocate resources and take high level threats and networks down.

Threat Hunting
and disruption

Multi-layer remediation ensuring fast detection and takedown of digital threats, including OSINT blocking, phishing takedown and disruption, and IP claims-based takedowns

fraud campaign

Detect fraudulent paid ads and fraud networks targeting your company and customers


Malicious Domain
Rogue mobile apps
Revenue loss
Social media impersonation
Reputation loss

BrandShield’s Brand-Oriented Digital Risk Protection

  • Monitoring the digital sphere to map attack surface and vulnerabilities
  • Detecting external threats and fraudulent networks
  • Remediation and attack disruption


  • 20% Rise in data breaches in 2021
  • 90% Of all data breaches are phishing attacks
  • $4.35M Average cost of a single
    data breach


  • 20% Rise in data breaches in 2021
  • 90% Of all data breaches are Phishing attacks
  • $3.86M Average cost of a single
    data breach

CISO Digital External Test results indicate an urgent need

  • 56% Do not monitor social media
  • 64% Do not monitor web fraud regularly

Our 2021 External Digital Protection Test results have revealed that a majority of cybersecurity teams are lacking in knowledge, expertise, and protection methods, leaving many companies exposed to digital risks.

CISOs, now more than ever, are aware of the hazards in being exposed to external threats. Artificial intelligence based Digital Risk Protection Software is the key to monitor websites, social media, paid ads, and mobile apps, and detect threats and fraudulent networks.

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    Read how social trading and multi-asset brokerage giant eToro utilized BrandShield to effectively map their online attack surface, prioritize digital exposure and threats, and enabled eToro to better defend themselves according to threat level and urgency.

    Despite continued efforts to identify and eliminate fraudulent sites and communications, customers continued to report encountering fraudulent eToro social accounts and websites. New customers were downloading fraudulent, unsecure apps, resulting in irreparable damage to the brand. eToro was under pressure to eliminate look-a-like sites, apps and social communications, and to protect their end users.

    Working with BrandShield on fast response to immediate attacks, and implementing a multi-tier and holistic brand oriented digital risk protection program, eToro have experienced great success in their battle against bad actors online.

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    BrandShield provided the perfect solution to map and detect all lower tier risks without compromising the effectiveness in detecting and removing 1st tier threats such as active phishing cases.

    Nir Tordjman Director of Security Operations

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    Financial industry’s high exposure to digital risks

    Financial services companies spend $1.28T combined annually to protect themselves against digital financial crimes. However, their accumulative annual loss even tops that with a staggering $1.45T. Whaling attacks target the financial industry 300 times more often than any other industry. There is no denial that digital external threats are a major concern to any financial services company.

    Banks and financial companies have always been a top target for criminals, since the days of the wild west to current sophisticated tech-based fraud. Cybercriminals are drawn to banks like moth to a flame, because banks and other financial service companies represents money to them, lots and lots of money. They exploit the customers’ huge trust in financial companies, and the hard-to-achieve balance between trust and raising their customer awareness to digital threats like phishing and impersonation.

    Results are not just the huge money loss, but also data leakage, ransomware and reputation loss.

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    About BrandShield’s Digital Risk Protection Solution

    BrandShield has years of experience in providing full digital risk protection solution to customers of different sizes and industries. BrandShield’s online brand protection combines the power of AI and machine learning with experienced enforcement managers in an easy-to-use SaaS package. All data is completely transparent and accessible to the users.

    We have developed a SaaS software that detects and analyzes digital threats, maps attack surfaces, and provides advanced threat intelligence. I The company’s remediation experts are all with legal background and have vast experience in removing, blocking and reporting on digital threats with 3rd party platforms, and online service providers.

    Full and proactive monitoring

    Coverage including websites, domain names, social media, mobile apps and paid ads.

    Web fraud protection

    Complete protection against domain spoofing, typosquatting, website phishing, online fraud networks, and more.

    Social media protection

    Monitor major social media platforms to detect brand and executive impersonation

    Advanced Anti phishing

    BrandShield’s Anti-phishing dashboard includes innovative features like Website Duplication Detector, automated takedown notices, blacklists and more

    Threat Hunters

    Experts with IP and legal background and years of experience working with digital platforms

    Full access and transparency

    All data is fully accessible in the SaaS platform

    Some of the companies that work with us

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