Sports and Entertainment industry threat detection and removal

Sports and Entertainment are not a matter of life and death, but imagine our world without them. BrandShield values the contribution sports and entertainment has made to the world and helps sports teams and major entertainment brands to detect digital abuse of their assets, online impersonations and counterfeit merchandise sales. BrandShield’s vast experience in those fields assists in knowing where and how to look. Our expert enforcement managers utilize their relations with major digital platforms and their experience to remove counterfeits quickly and permanently.

Common Use Cases:

  • Counterfeit Merchandise Sales
  • Social Squatting
  • Fraudulent Accounts
  • Piracy

Common Platforms Used:

  •  Marketplaces
  •  Social Media
  •  Websites


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Be in Control

High profile figures and brands tend to have many pages dedicated for them online. Gain full control of what is out there and what is harmful for your brand.

Marketplace Monitoring

BrandShield monitors hundreds of marketplaces to efficiently detect and remove counterfeit goods.

Talent Impersonation

Social media has become the modern way of spreading fake news and fake products. BrandShield detects and removes fake social accounts of stars, teams, shows and more.


Proven ROI calculation to show effectiveness and contribution to company revenues.

Cover All Bases

Cover websites, marketplaces, mobile apps and social media for complete effort to fight counterfeit distribution channels and selling points.

Reports & Statistics

Periodic and other detailed reports with monitoring, detection and enforcement activities.

Some of the companies that work with us

After looking for solutions to our time-consuming research issue with trademark infringements and after having tried various products with external handling and evaluation – which we found unsuitable for our needs – we finally discovered Brandshield. The comprehensive tool allows us to evaluate and act on the infringements fast ourselves, whilst we save a lot of time on the research as it sums all results up in an easy to understand and effective user interface. With Brandshield we are able to optimize our resources and reaction time and are able to easily identify and process far more trademark infringements than ever before.”

Hannes Tribelnig

Licensing/Trademark Protection & Product Placement Manager