B&O and BrandShield, a successful partnership

Throughout the years, many brands proudly displayed our work with them, we call each of these partnerships a “success story”. You will find here all our customers’ success stories with direct quotes from the brand representatives, as well as impressive statistics of all the digital scams detected and taken down. Whether it was impersonations, phishing, or counterfeits, we worked hand-in-hand with each company to provide the best results in a time-effective way.

Gaming Metaverse

The Metaverse is not spared! Watch out for phishing.

When The Sandbox arrived on the market, they did not expect to be stormed with phishing and social media impersonations. In the first two months of working with us, 120 phishing sites and 58 fake social media accounts were detected and removed. Since then BrandShield assist The Sandbox with digital risk protection against metaverse attacks, e-wallet scams, and more. Click here to read more.

“With their ability to protect against these attacks, BrandShield is a critical weapon in the fight to remove phishing attacks and threats from brand impersonators and bad actors.”
Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder and COO


Can cryptocurrency trading platforms really protect themselves from online scams? Yes!

Popular trading platform Coinmama needed help to proactively detect and remove phishing websites and impersonation threats targeting their brand and customers. BrandShield ensured the safety of investors and customers from a rising wave of cryptocurrency fraud by creating an ongoing threat map. Constant detection of immediate threats, inactive threats, and hidden scam networks, combined with expert remediation have significantly reduced Coinmama and its customers’ exposure to digital threats, with over 95% of the workload covered by BrandShield. Click here to read more.

“With its growing popularity, we want people to feel they can confidently and safely buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at Coinmama, without fear of being defrauded. With its ability to detect and remove online threats, BrandShield was a natural choice to help us overcome fraudsters and criminals impersonating our brand.”
Laurence Newman, Co-Founder of Coinmama

Travel Solution

Rollink secured its distributors’ & customers’ trust.

Rollink, the innovative and stylish suitcase brand, found itself in a tough situation when more and more Chinese knockoffs appeared on e-commerce sites, to then be sold on global marketplaces. After calling for BrandShield’s expertise, together we have reached a remarking 99% infringement and counterfeit detection and takedown rate. Click here to read more.

“BrandShield exceeded our expectations! We reached 99% counterfeit removal rates and reestablished trust with our distributor network.”
Eyal Azoulay, CEO, Rollink


Intervening for Levi’s in times of global crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic kept millions of consumers in their homes relying on online shopping. Quickly, Levi’s noticed a raise in digital scams: counterfeit sales, trademark infringement, and unauthorized sellers. With almost 1,000 phishing sites taken down over the 2 years, BrandShield helped Levi’s and its customers to keep their details and save money. Levi’s decision not to cut their online brand protection budget even in times of global panic and uncertainty proved to help the brand reputation to grow and to maintain a solid revenue stream from online shopping. Click here to read more.

Luxury Audio/Bang & Oulfson

Find out how B&O recovered millions of dollars by removing fake listings and sales sites

As a renowned luxury home entertainment brand, B&O was often duplicated on marketplaces and fake ecommerce sites. Counterfeiting, unauthorized sales, intellectual property violations, and distribution channel compliance issues. With the help of BrandShield, they removed more than 11,000 counterfeit listings worth Millions of dollars and installed a holistic brand protection program that fits their needs and their external threat landscape. Click here to read more.

“BrandShield delivers, not only a robust and reliable product, but effective enforcement competences, combined with a deep commercial understanding of how business works. The results are just tremendous!”
Morten R. Serup, Sr. Brand Protection Officer

Why customers love us

Digital risks such as phishing, impersonation, typosquatting, and counterfeit sales hurt global brands and their customers. This leads to revenue loss, reputation erosion, and even legal consequences. At BrandShield we know every minute counts and every takedown counts, so we focus on analyzing and prioritizing actionable risks: detection and takedown. We detect hidden clusters and remove them for our customers with almost no overhead on their part with 100% transparency at any given time.

“At BrandShield, we believe that all companies and brand owners deserve the safest online sphere. To do so, we make sure to fill in the cracks, by connecting cybersecurity teams with legal and marketing teams, to provide a holistic solution that benefits the entire company.”
Yoav Keren, Co-Founder and CEO of BrandShield