Test Your External Threat Vulnerability

Test your external threat protection program.

11 quick questions, 5 minutes of your time, instant report of your online threat protection program.

Take this short, FREE test to get your ETP (External Threat Protection) score and take another step towards understanding and better securing your online weak spots.

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External Threat Vulnerability Test

  • aNone regularly.
  • bOccasionally, domains containing the company name.
  • cConstantly, domains containing the company name.
  • dDomains containing the company name, trademarks, typos and IDNs.
  • aNo.
  • bYes, checking their records.
  • cYes, checking their content.
  • dChecking both b and c.
  • aNo.
  • bYes, when consumers report visiting a suspicious website.
  • cYes, for domains containing my company name.
  • dYes, we analyze content for suspicious domains and websites.
  • aNo.
  • bYes, when consumers report such pages.
  • cYes, we cover domains and sub-domains containing buzz words.
  • dNot sure.
  • aNo Idea.
  • bBelow 60%.
  • c61%-80%.
  • d81% - 92%.
  • e93% - 98%.
  • f99% - 100%.
  • aNo.
  • bNot constantly.
  • cYes, manual searches from time to time.
  • dMonitor the big 3.
  • eMonitor at least 10 major platforms.
  • aI do not monitor Facebook.
  • bCustomers or colleagues report on suspicious Facebook pages occasionally.
  • cWe provide employee training on how to avoid Facebook scams.
  • dWe regularly monitor Facebook ads, pages, users, groups, etc.
  • eB, C, and D are correct.
  • aNo idea.
  • bBelow 60%.
  • c61%-80%.
  • d81% - 92%.
  • e93% - 98%.
  • f99% - 100%.
  • aWe do not perform social media takedowns.
  • bTakedown requests are sent to legal counsel or to a 3rd party legal services provider.
  • cSecurity team works with the social platforms directly.
  • dLegal counsel is involved in detection and takedown workflows.
  • eWe employ a 3rd party technology-based solution.
  • aNo.
  • bNot constantly.
  • cWe occasionally do manual searches.
  • dWe monitor the CEO’s name on 1 or 2 social media platforms.
  • eWe monitor the CEO and other execs on all relevant social media platforms.
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Extend your protection outside your perimeter

Vulnerabilities Covered

  • Website phishing
  • Social media phishing
  • Cyber-squatting and typo-squatting
  • Executive impersonation (including whaling)
  • Look-a-like online pages

Benefits of successful External
Threat Protection program

  • Protect your customers and employees from phishing
  • Minimize fraud exposure
  • Increase revenues
  • Protect company’s servers and DBs from malware