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Beyoncé files trademark suit over Feyoncé clothes on-line
According to a recent article in World Intellectual Property Review, Singer Beyoncé has filed a lawsuit against an on-line clothing company for trademark infringement over the use of the name….
Social Media Fraud: Creating fake “likes”
Based on a recent article that appeared in World Intellectual Property Review in March, 2016, Stuart Fuller of NetNames has coined a phrase “Fliking” which he is trying to get….
Counterfeits in Food and Beverage
I read two articles about counterfeits, recently, that really caught my attention. It wasn’t that finding an article about counterfeits was unusual or unexpected, it was the type of products….
New gTLD sites add new challenges to Brand Owners
Anyone involved in on-line activity, whether it for selling, marketing, brand protection, or domain management are aware of the new top level domains which were introduced in 2013 and are….
Social Media’s More Sinister Turn
Social Media is becoming more of a factor in the brand protection scheme of things. Once an arena where your brand can become damaged by disgruntled consumers venting on your….
The Expanding Reach of Malware
how can you protect your company, or brand from suffering attacks malicious in nature? The primary tactic to use here is education
Malware protection
Beware: Advanced Brand Threats Require New Defenses
Protecting your brand in this age of constant advancing and evolving threats is quite a challenge. Being aware of these threats is paramount to protecting it.
Top Brand Protection Trends to Look out for in 2016
As brand-jacking continues to evolve so do the trends. Here are a list of four fundamental trends I see developing in 2016. Time to protect your brand
2016 Greeting Card
Identifying Counterfeits – The Dark Side of Online Shopping
With the the seemingly never ending proliferation of counterfeit goods, what also is seemingly endless is the double life many of these counterfeiters live. Take the case of counterfeit investigator….
Man buys christmas gifts - online shopping concept
The Threat the Internet of Things Poses to your Brand
In 1999, Kevin Ashton a British Entrepreneur coined the term the Internet of Things (IoT) to describe things in our everyday lives which are embedded with electronics of some type….
The Internet of Things
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