RSA Conference 2023
Date: April 24 - April 27, 2023
Time: 9:00 am PST
Location: San Francisco, CA
Booth number: 4216
The RSA conference 2023 welcomes a series of professional conferences addressing IT security and cybersecurity. They host several educational, networking, and awards programs.


BrandShield is in San Francisco, during the 4 days of exposition, to talk about our unique brand-oriented digital risk protection. Come to our booth No.4216 and you will see our solutions in action, with a live demo of one of our customers. Finally, on April 26th at 12:40pm, join Yoav Keren, BrandShield's CEO, for his 20-minutes presentation addressing the topic From Online Scams to Metaverse Fraud - Here's How to Fight Back. The session will happen at the South Expo Briefing Center, located in Booth 2100. External threats are constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated and harder to track. They range from traditional scams like phishing attacks and fake websites to targeted attacks involving mobile messaging apps, NFT scams, and even Metaverse fraud and brand impersonations. Organizations must take action now to stop these attacks from eroding trust and negatively impacting revenues and brand reputation.    

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