Law Firm Edition

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1 Billable Hour a Month

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Law Firm Edition special offers:

1 Marketplace Monitoring

(eBay, Alibaba, Amazon etc.) for 1 Brand


Yearly Subscription

Websites Monitoring

for 1 Brand


Yearly Subscription
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The Law Firm Edition does not include tier 1 brands. Contact us for a specific quote.

“Easy to use and cost effective, this is the best tool out there for
data analytics based monitoring in the next generation of the Internet.”

Jennifer Wolfe, Esq. Founder & President, Dot Brand 360

BrandShield’s special features and benefits for law firms
help you rise above your competition:

police cap
Increased enforcement efficiency
Increased client loyalty
Valuable evidence for successful takedowns
computer tools
Comprehensive case management tools
Advanced statistic features for valuable insights