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Website Monitoring

BrandShield’s easy to use technology-based solution simplifies brand protection and provides an advanced and automated metrics driven analysis of online risks and opportunities.


The BrandShield System:

  • Scans and monitors the Internet to find websites that abuse your brand.
  • Measures and collects data about suspicious websites.
  • and automatically analyzes
    • Web content
    • SEO data
    • Domain names
    • Traffic and statistics
    • Search engine results
    • and more
  • Prioritizes risks using automated metrics-driven analysis to help you better allocate your resources and focus your attention on the websites that present the most risk.
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David Fridman

Chief Marketing Officer & Founder at BrandShield LTD.
Co-founder of BrandShield Ltd - "The Future of Online Brand Protection is Here". Our robust, patent pending technology helps you fight infringements and makes brand protection affordable for organizations of all sizes.
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