Monitor your affiliates’ compliance to avoid regulatory fines and bad reputation

BrandShield utilizes its unique capabilities to monitor your affiliates and detect compliance violations before the regulators do and thus, gain reputation and avoid sanctions. Detect compliance breaches in specific markets or cross-borders when they occur and manage your affiliates’ compliance with an easy-to-use interface. BrandShield’s SaaS platform enables brand or company customization as well as great suitability to different affiliate-oriented industries such as trading, gaming, pharma and more.

Common Use Cases:

  •  Compliance Breaches
  •  MAP Violations
  •  Trademark Infringement

Common Platforms Used:

  •  Websites
  •  Marketplaces
  •  Social Media

Did You Know?

Be in Control

Constant monitoring of affiliate compliance. View your affiliates’ digital assets, even when hidden.

Advanced Detection

Detect disguised linkages, cloaking, regional, national and cross-border compliance violations.


BrandShield monitoring capabilities enable the system to monitor and manage affiliates for companies of all sizes and industries.

Best Practices

BrandShield’s best practices are based on our vast experience. Customized strategy is developed with each customer exclusively to best fit customer needs.

Archive Evidence

Every scan and activity with BrandShield is archived and can be accessed, for regulatory inquiries and affiliate communication.

Reports & Statistics

Periodic detailed tailored reports with all affiliate monitoring activities.

Some of the companies that work with us

At Etoro, monitoring our online marketing materials and compliance monitoring are important programs we operate. With BrandShield Affiliate Marketing Intelligence we can effectively monitor our marketing materials on the Web with a click of a button.“

Yoni Assia