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Brand Protection in Social Media can only be done with AI Technology

BrandShield’s social media monitoring revolutionizes the way organizations fight brand abuse

BrandShield provides the most innovative technology to fight online brand abuse

BrandShield’s artificial intelligence technology enables you to easily monitor social networks for:

  • Counterfeit sales
  • Trademark infringements
  • Links to suspicious websites
  • Slander
  • Fraud
  • Fake accounts
  • Competitor activities
  • Customers reactions
  • And more

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Why monitoring Social Media is essential to your brand?

Social media is no longer the next big thing. It is the big thing. Social network websites attract more people to spend time and engage in more online activities. People learn about new products, read reviews, debate, complain, launch live events and of course shop.

This is already a huge arena for e-commerce and customer engagement.

Gain control over your brand in Social Media. Monitor your main social networks to increase your revenues and customer loyalty.

Check Your Current Online Brand Abuse On Social Media

What Our Customers Say

Dan McKinnon, New Balance

Senior Counsel Intellectual Property & Brand Protection

“BrandShield is a technology that helps change the balance in the fight against counterfeiters. The analytical capabilities of BrandShield allow our team to locate the most damaging online problems for New Balance at any given time. BrandShield as a company keeps surprising us with constant improvements to their services and technology.”

Hannes Tribeling, KTM Sportmotorcycle

Licensing/Trademark Protection Manager

“With BrandShield we are able to optimize our resources and reaction time and are able to easily identify and process far more trademark infringements than ever before.”