BrandShield 3.0 Frequently Asked Questions

The current BrandShield system is incredible, providing top tier digital risk protection and brand protection solutions to global companies and brands. We have developed BrandShield 3.0 in order to meet future market requirements, and to enable BrandShield to grow and provide our solution to more companies and brands. Moreover, we want to be able to improve the existing features and to introduce new ones with time.

Right off the bat, you will be able to see the fine and intuitive design changes. Other than a complete UI makeover, we have made significant architecture and infrastructure modifications to enhance our data mining, analysis, and storage capabilities and speed. All the features, tools, reports and options you have been using will be available on BrandShield 3.0, and much more.

All your accounts’ scan and enforcement data were and will continue to be secured and protected. You will have access to it with BrandShield 3.0.

No system downtime is planned. However, your BrandShield 2.0 account will be blocked 1 week prior to the upgrade. During that time your enforcement managers will have access to your account to maintain all regular operations and document it on BrandShield 3.0.

BrandShield account upgrade will be executed gradually over a few weeks. You will receive access to your credentials according to the details provided (or will be provided) by your BrandShield team.

BrandShield 3.0 will ease your efforts. Ease of use, processing and analysis speed, and improved technologies (better detection and analysis) are just some of the benefits that BrandShield’s customers will enjoy with BrandShield 3.0.

BrandShield 3.0 is highly intuitive and easy to use. When the time comes your BrandShield team will schedule a training call to walk you through Brandshield 3.0. We have also prepared step by step guides on screen that you can access every time you log in to the system.

Eventually all customers will gradually move to BrandShield 3.0, and BrandShield 2.0 will be shut for good.

No, you will get all BrandShield 3.0 benefits without any additional cost at all. If you wish to upgrade your BrandShield plan, please contact our sales representative or your enforcement team.

There will be no change in service including periodical calls and monthly reports. Expect an even higher level of service because your Enforcement Manager will be using BrandShield 3.0 and utilize its benefits at your service.

In order for the upgrade to be safe and swift we will block BrandShield 2.0 from access for an account 7 days prior to the upgrade. This will help ensure that the data and use of the system will be saved and transferred to BrandShield 3.0. During this time your BrandShield team will have access to your account and they will continue protecting your brand as always. All actions and reports will be registered both with BrandShield 2.0 and BrandShield 3.0, so you will have access to them all once the upgrade is complete and you can access the new system. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Go to: https://platform.brandshield.com. To log in to BrandShield 3.0 for the first time use your regular BrandShield username and your temporary password (sent by email), and follow instructions. In case you already updated your password, type in your permanent password or click on the Forgot Password link on the log in page.

No. All users will have to log in using 2FA verification for data security reasons.